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Danal is the owner and proprietor of Dane's Refuge, the inn in the town of Lothering.

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Danal will be behind the bar as you enter Dane's Refuge. Upon defeating Loghain's soldiers and speaking to (and potentially recruiting) Leliana, you can then speak to him.

While he is not a merchant, he can provide the player with rumors regarding the state of Ferelden after the battle at Ostagar, similar to Bodahn Feddic and the bartender at the Gnawed Noble Tavern. He will also offer to keep the fact that the Warden is in Lothering secret from Loghain, mentioning that his grandfather served in the Grey Wardens.

Quotes Edit

  • "If keeping you drunk makes you calm and happy, drinks are on the house."

  • Warden: I don't suppose you have any rooms available?
  • Danal: Look around... people are sleeping on the floors and in the attic. That's how many rooms I don't have.

Rumors Edit

  • "I heard a strange rumor the other day. King Cailan was not really Maric's son, you see. Maric's real son is hidden in the bowels of Denerim's palace and has been since he was born. I suppose they feed him cakes all day to keep him content. Maybe he's simple... or a mage! Maric's real son a mage, can you imagine?"
  • "I've heard a rumor that the reason Queen Anora has never produced an heir is that she's barren. It's a curse from the Maker for bringing a commoner into the royal line. Until someone of royal blood is put on the throne, there will never be an heir. It seems the royal line of Calenhad has been broken for good, no?"
  • "There's a nasty rumor going around that the Grey Wardens are evil and that they worship the archdemon. They're the ones that caused the Blight! They were getting upset, see, that there was no use for them anymore... so they summoned up the archdemon to do their bidding. It would explain a great many things."
  • "Habren, daughter of the arl of South Reach, has spent an exorbitant amount of her father's coin buying puppies. No one knows what happens to the puppies, and she buys a new one every week."

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