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Cullen was a templar, serving in Kinloch Hold of Ferelden. He is later reassigned to Kirkwall and is promoted to Knight-Captain just after the end of the Fifth Blight. He is a potential romance option for a female human and elven only Inquisitor in Dragon Age: Inquisition[4][5].

Involvement Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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During the Magi Origin, Cullen is the templar assigned to execute the Magi if they were to fail their Harrowing and become an abomination. It is later revealed that he had feelings for a female magi and hated the idea of having to be the one to kill her. If the Warden tries to pursue relations with Cullen, he ends up becoming extremely nervous and runs away with the excuse of attending other duties.


Cullen in Dragon Age: Origins

Cullen will be found once again as the last surviving templar in the upper levels of the Circle Tower during the Broken Circle quest. When the Warden meets him trapped inside a magical prison (conjured by Uldred), he tries to dismiss the Warden as another illusion which points out that is how Uldred saw fit to torture the templars he had captured. If the Warden is a female mage, Cullen will reveal his infatuation with her.

Once Cullen has calmed down, he will try to convince the Warden to kill all the mages in the Harrowing Chamber, not just Uldred and the abominations, as he fears they may be blood mages in hiding.

If the Warden does not side with him, then he will try one last ditch effort to get the mages killed by complaining to Knight-Commander Greagoir, however Greagoir values Irving's word more. When siding with Cullen, the Warden will have the chance to agree with Cullen's complaint to Greagoir, which in turn even leads Irving to agreeing as well. In this event, the mages are all put under the watch of Cullen until something can be decided to do with them.

There are several rumors about Cullen's fate after the Fifth Blight, which may be revealed if the Warden was a mage or if they sided with him during the outbreak of abominations in the Circle Tower. If the Warden sided with Cullen, or was a mage who did not grant the Circle Tower autonomy, then the rumors say that Cullen will eventually become Knight-Commander of the Circle Tower after Greagoir retires, watching over the magi with a much more strict and cruel regime than even Greagoir had. If the Warden was a mage and did not side with Cullen, and gives the tower autonomy, the templar endures festering mental scars from his experience in the tower. This leads to an eventual mental breakdown during which he kills three mage apprentices before fleeing. These rumors are later revealed to be fictional.

Witch HuntEdit

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If the Warden was a female mage, Cullen can be mentioned by gossiping mages at the Tower. They say that, following the events of Broken Circle, he was sent by Greagoir to the chantry at Greenfell until he "leveled out."

The Darkspawn ChroniclesEdit

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Cullen is encountered during the Slay the Healer quest where he will fight alongside Knight-Commander Greagoir, Wynne and a few templars in the Denerim Market District. He must be slain to get access to the Denerim Alienage.

Dragon Age II Edit

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Cullen was sent by Knight-Commander Greagoir to the Circle in Kirkwall, where he became Knight-Captain and second-in-command to Knight-Commander Meredith. He eventually encountered and became a recurring associate of Hawke, the Champion of Kirkwall.


Cullen in Dragon Age: II

Cullen's view on mages and magic have developed since his service under Greagoir. As a templar, Cullen accepts his duty to monitor the Circle of Magi and bring apostates to the Circle. As the story progresses, Cullen will confess to Hawke that Meredith is leading the Kirkwall Templar Order down a path he does not support. Cullen maintains that the Templar Order's purpose is not only to protect the population from magic, but also to protect the mages that the templars are sworn to oversee. As a result he begins to have doubts about his loyalty to Meredith versus his loyalty to the Templar Order.

Hawke first meets Cullen while Cullen is on an investigation and is interrogating a templar recruit about other recruits who have been recently disappearing. Later, if a non-mage Hawke does not take Bethany to the Deep Roads, it is Cullen who takes Bethany to the Circle. After Hawke's encounter with Ser Alrik, Cullen will discuss the merits of the Rite of Tranquility, but will insist that he did not support Alrik's "Tranquil Solution" and give his opinion that the current system of the Harrowing and hunting down maleficarum is the best solution. Cullen alerts Hawke to the accusations against Aveline and participates in the resolution of the short-lived conspiracy to oust Knight-Commander Meredith.

Cullen and the other templars attack the Gallows after Meredith invokes the Right of Annulment. If Hawke sides with the templars, they will be asked to decide the fate of 3 mages who surrender. If Hawke asks Cullen for an opinion, Cullen questions the necessity of annulling the Kirkwall Circle. He says the situation in Ferelden was much more dire and even then they saved some of the mages. In response, Meredith asks Cullen if he will take responsibility if it is proven that their prisoners are blood mages, Cullen answers that he believes that is what being a templar is about.


Cullen challenges Meredith.

During the final confrontation with Meredith, Cullen orders her to step down when she orders Hawke to be executed, stating that they had agreed only to arrest the Champion. Meredith will accuse him and the surviving templars of being blood mage thralls and then attack. Cullen will fight alongside Hawke.

If Hawke sides with the mages, Cullen will stand down after Meredith's defeat and allow Hawke to leave the city peacefully. Should Hawke side with the templars however, Cullen and the surviving templars kneel before Hawke after Meredith's defeat, earning the respect of the templars, and winning Hawke the position of Viscount.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

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Cullen brandishing sword
Following the Kirkwall Rebellion Cullen rallied what remained of the city's templars and restored order. Seeing his potential, Cassandra Pentaghast recruits him into the Inquisition, granting him the rank of Commander.[6] He now leads the military arm of the organization and serves as the tactical advisor to the Inquisitor.[7]


Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Ico Quest A Mage of the Circle
Ico Quest Broken Circle

Dragon Age II Edit

Act 1

Quest icon DA2 Enemies Among Us

Act 3

Quest icon DA2 Favor and Fault
Quest icon DA2 Best Served Cold
Quest icon DA2 The Last Straw

Quotes Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

  • "Maker turn his gaze on you. I hope your compassion hasn't doomed us all."

Dragon Age II Edit

  • (To Hawke, Enemies Among Us, Act I) "I was at the Circle Tower in Ferelden during the Blight. I saw firsthand how templars' trust and leniency can be rewarded. I still have nightmares of Uldred's depravities."
  • (To Hawke, Enemies Among Us, Act I) "Mages cannot be treated like people. They are not like you and me. They are weapons. They have the power to light a city on fire in a fit of pique."
  • (To Hawke, Enemies Among Us, Act I) "There is a vigil before templars take their arms, but the gravest danger they face is falling asleep."
  • (To Hawke, Act I) "The image of the poor, chained apprentice is a powerful one. And one the mages are more than willing to exploit."

Trivia Edit

  • If the imported Origins story featured a Human Magi Origin Warden, Cullen will refer to them in the beginning of Act 2, e.g. "I knew an Amell once. She was a special woman. Never met her like again." in the case of a female Warden and "There was an Amell in the Ferelden Circle, he left before Uldred attacked and came back to save us all." in the case of a male Warden.
  • If the imported Origins save is a female Mage Warden, his Codex makes a reference to his feelings for the Warden while they were at the Circle Tower.
  • Originally, Cullen wasn't a romance option for Dragon Age: Inquisition, but according to Mike Laidlaw, Bioware changed his role as a Love Interest when they extended the game's development for a year. [8]
  • Cullen enjoys chess, and often played against his sister as a child.[9]

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Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: Knight-Captain Cullen

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