Cricket is a child refugee living in Darktown.

Background Edit

Cricket, along with other child refugees who have lost their parents, came to Kirkwall to escape the Blight in Ferelden. He came to Kirkwall with the aid of Evelina.

Involvement Edit

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He is involved in the quest, On the Loose. Cricket is seen along with Walter, a fellow refugee, in Darktown. He tells Hawke Evelina's whereabouts after Walter's refuses to help Hawke. He then runs to the sewers after Walter reminds him of Evelina's anger. Walter then chases after him. After being saved from the Abomination which has taken control of Eveleina, Cricket departs. Hawke may choose to give he & Walter some money to look after themselves.

Cricket is eventually left under the care of Walter along with other child refugees after the events of On the Loose. According to a letter from Walter, Cricket was adopted and now lives with a nice family in Hightown which even tried to give him new name, though he still answers only to Cricket.