Cracked Breastplate is an item in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Acquisition Edit

It is located in one of the dwarven homes of the slums in Kal'Hirol - Main Hall. It is the home that one of the dwarf spirits runs out of and talks to his wife to tell her that they need to get out, and that they won't survive in Kal'Hirol. The breastplate it is in the bonepile on the table in the home.

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Cracked Breastplate Broken SwordBroken Sword
The blade of this sword has come loose from the hilt, but it looks possible to repair.
Cracked Breastplate Damaged AxeDamaged Axe
A warped haft makes this axe extremely unbalanced, but a new haft would fix the problem.
Cracked Breastplate Shattered MaulShattered Maul
The head of this maul has come loose, although a craftsman could likely fix it.
Cracked Breastplate Ancient BootsAncient Boots
The leather straps that fasten these boots have crumbled, but they could easily be replaced.