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Corypheus's Memories is an unmarked side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is only accessible during the inner circle quest Under Her Skin if the Inquisitor sided with the templars.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is activated upon activating the first of Corypheus's memory crystals in the Shrine of Dumat.

Walkthrough Edit

There are six crystals scattered throughout the Shrine of Dumat, containing Corypheus's personal reflections. Each time a crystal is activated, several of Corypheus's remarks on his history will be accessed. The crystals are located at:

  • On a ledge on the left wall of the entrance hall
Awake, in a world twisted into perversion and ruin. Awake, only to discover the light of wisdom has gone black. Samson has failed. But Calpernia stands ready.
  • On a table on the right side of the entrance hall
How does this age stand such desolation? They sing to a "Maker" who answers no prayers. Once I have ascended, I will be their answer. I will be their light.
  • On a desk in front of the door to the far room
Did the others never return from the Black City? There is no record even of our names! We are vilified by legend. They spit on our deeds and claim we brought darkness into the world. We discovered the darkness. We claimed it as our own, let it permeate our being. If the others have not returned, they are lost. I am alone in my glory.
  • On a shelf in the storage room between the staircases on the lower floor
Calpernia prepares to set foot in the place where regret dwells. To bring it into the light. She cannot know what must be done. Cannot understand. In time, she will forgive.
  • On a desk in the north west-corner of the lower room.
The Anchor has been stolen, by a stripling. I shall descend on this Haven with fire and fury and take it back. Let us see what manner of "Herald" this age has bred.
  • On a desk in the south east-corner of the lower room.
I recited the old verses. How easily they come. Even after so long a slumber. Yet still I do not feel the presence of Dumat - hear no whispers, no commands. Silence has fallen.

Rewards Edit

+50 XP per memory crystal activated

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