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Corruption is a massive helmet in Dragon Age: Origins.


It can be looted from a Hurlock General in Denerim Market District during The Battle of Denerim.

Suggested uses Edit

  • Equip it when fighting the Archdemon, as it gives 75% (max) spirit resistance.
  • For an Archer, see Archery (strategy).
  • Equip it with any armor set that does not require a helm.
  • Can be imported into Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, which somewhat makes up for its late game acquisition in Origins alone.
    • In Awakening the maximum attainable spirit resistance is 85%, meaning this helmet will no longer give max resistance.

Trivia Edit

This helmet's item id code indicates that it is a heavy helmet, however it is classified as a massive helmet in the game.

Gallery Edit

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