Corff is the bartender of The Hanged Man.

Involvement Edit

Corff will provide rumors when asked "Any news". He will also talk with other patrons about interesting and funny stories.

Rumors Edit

  • "I heard rumors of a healer in Darktown who's looking after the sick, for free, imagine that."
  • "You hear about the Arl of Redcliffe? Some say that Andraste herself reached down and cured him so he could unite the land."
  • "People say Meredith's the real power in Kirkwall, not the Viscount. Even Dumar answers to her."
  • "The craziest thing. Apparently, the pigeon population has taken a nose dive in Ferelden. Weird, huh. What kind of sick individual preys on those innocent things?"
  • "I heard the Hero of Ferelden married Queen Anora, but is keeping an elven lover. Scandalous."