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For Controls in other games, see Controls (disambiguation).

Note: Keybindings and mouse behavior can be changed in the options menu. This page describes the default behavior.

Note: Console refers to the PlayStation/Xbox versions of the game, whereas console refers to the developer tool. See Console (Inquisition) for more details on the latter.

PC Edit

Movement Edit

Keyboard Edit

  • W forward
  • S backward
  • Q left
  • E right
  • G toggle run/walk
  • F1-F4 selects party members (single player only)
    • note that in combat, this occasionally causes the game to unpause
  • Spacebar jumps
  • SHIFT sprints/gallops
  • R attack
  • T toggle tactical camera mode
  • = toggles mount/dismount

Mouse Edit

  • left click targets pointer/selects objects
  • right click and release interacts/bash wall/destroy
  • holding right click and moving the mouse rotates the camera
  • mouse wheel scrolls zoom (forward in, backward out)

Combat Edit

  • R/left click attacks
  • Y party attacks target of active party member
  • K clear all commands from all party members
  • L all party members disengage
  • 1-9 activates respective quickbar abilities
  • TAB cycles targets
  • 0 or - selects potion

Other Edit

  • ESC Main Menu
  • I Inventory
  • J Journal
  • M map
  • P Character screen
  • F5 Quick Save
  • F9 Quick Load
  • PrtScrn Screenshot

Console (XBox) Edit

Movement Edit

  • L Stick Move character
  • R Stick Move camera
  • D-pad up/down scrolls through party members
  • A button interact/bash/destroy
  • A button jump
  • Left Stick tap Sprint
  • Left button activates radial menu

Combat Edit

  • Right trigger + right button locks on target and cycles through targets
  • Right trigger attacks
  • X/Y/B/Right button activates 1-4 quick slots
  • Left trigger + X/Y/B/Right button activates 5-8 slots
  • BACK Tactical camera mode

Other Edit

  • START Main menu

Console (Playstation) Edit

Movement Edit

  • Left stick moves character
  • Right stick moves camera
  • D-pad up/down scrolls through party members
  • X button interact/bash/destroy
  • X button jump
  • L3 button (tap) sprint
  • L1 button activates radial menu

Combat Edit

  • R3 button + right stick locks on target and cycles through targets
  • R2 button attacks
  • Square/Triangle/Circle/R1 button activates primary abilities
  • L2 + Square/Triangle/Circle/R1 button activates secondary abilities
  • Touch Pad button Tactical camera mode

Other Edit

  • Options button Hero menu

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