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For Controls in other games, see Controls (disambiguation).

Note: Keybindings and mouse behavior can be changed in the options menu. This page describes the default behavior.

Note: Console refers to the PlayStation/XBox versions of the game, whereas console refers to the developer tool. See Console (Dragon Age II) for more details on the latter.

PC Edit

Movement Edit

  • W forward
  • S backward
  • / Toggles run/walk
  • Q run/strafe left
  • E run/strafe right
  • A rotate camera counter-clockwise
  • D rotate camera clockwise
  • Right-clicking on a spot on the ground and releasing moves the selected members to that point.
  • Holding down the right-click on the mouse somewhere unselectable and moving the mouse around moves the camera around
  • HOME button rotates camera up
  • END button rotates camera down
  • Page Down button zooms in
    • Also mouse scroll forward
  • Page Up button zooms out
    • Also mouse scroll backward
  • Right-clicking on objects uses them, for example, opening/closing doors.

Combat Edit

  • SPACEBAR pauses
  • R selected character attacks nearest opponent
  • 0-9 activates the respective quickbar abilities for the selected character
    • left-clicking on any quickbar cell activates that ability for the selected character
  • - quick heal
  • = quick mana or stamina
  • H toggles party hold
  • F1 - F4 selects the party member in order on the screen
    • Also left clicking on the portrait
  • CTRL-A selects the entire party
  • SHIFT+F1-F4 selects the subset of members selected
    • Also ctrl-clicked the selected members portraits

Other Edit

  • Files
    • F5 Quick save
    • F9 Quick load
  • Screens
    • C character
    • I Inventory
    • J Journal
    • M Map
    • P Abilities
    • \ Tactics
  • tab highlights objects
  • "print screen" button takes a screenshot
  • v toggles hide/show interface
  • ESC opens main menu
  • With Hawke selected, right-clicking on a party member starts a dialog with that member

Console (XBox) Edit

Movement Edit

  • LB moves character
  • RB rotates camera
  • RT centers camera

Combat Edit

  • LT locks target
  • + changes target
  • A take default action (attack, talk, open, etc.)
  • X,Y,B use battle menu shortcuts
  • pulling and holding RT switches to secondary battle menu shortcut

Other Edit

  • pulling and holding LT opens radial menu
  • LB selects previous party member
  • RB selects next party member
  • LB + RB selects full party
  • BACK opens map
  • START opens main menu

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