Combat mechanics comprise the technical details relevant to combat in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Damage Edit

Simplified logic for player vs enemy damage:

damage = (random between 0.95 and 1.05) * damage

if physical and not rune
    effectiveArmor = armor * (1 - armorPenetration)
    damage = damage - effectiveArmor
    if critical
        damage = max(2, damage)
        damage = max(1, damage)

isMeleeRange = distance less than 3 meters
if flanking
    if not isMeleeRange
        flankingBonus = max(0, flankingBonus - 25%)
    flankingBonus = 0

damage = damage * (1 + abilityBonus)
damage = damage * (1 + damageMultiplier + typeBonus + attackBonus)
damage = damage * (1 + criticalBonus + flankingBonus)
damage = damage * (1 - resistance)

if physical and isMeleeRange
    defense = defenseMelee
else if physical and not isMeleeRange
    defense = defenseRanged
    defense = defenseMagic

damage = damage * (1 - defense)

if shielded and not flanking
    damage = damage * 0.5

Guard Edit

Guard provides protection from incoming attacks by granting additional health. Guard must be broken before a target will take damage. Certain abilities (such as an upgraded Shield Bash) and items allow for increased damage against guard. Guard resets to zero after travelling to another region.

Barrier Edit

Barrier, like guard, provides protection from damage from incoming attacks and has a finite protection amount. Unlike guard, barrier effects slowly dissipate until they are no more. Various mage abilities can increase the strength and duration of barrier effects. Certain abilities and items give bonuses to damage done to barriers.

Elemental Effects Edit

Effects of opposite elements do not cancel each other out. For example, a target may be Frozen and Burning at the same time.