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Collars are equipment items for Dog in Dragon Age: Origins, taking the place of conventional weapons and armor. Dog also uses kaddis.

Mabari collars Edit

Name Enhancements Acquisition
Black Leather Collar +0.5 armor penetration
+2 armor
Looted from a Mabari during Arl of Redcliffe and purchased from Sandal in Witch Hunt.
Blackmetal Torque +6 attack
+6 armor
Sold by Bodahn Feddic at the Party Camp
Firestone Harness +25% cold resistance
+4 attack
Found on a dead mabari during the Return to Ostagar DLC
Lord's Hunting Jabot +4 attack
+4 armor
Sold by Faryn at the Frostback Mountain Pass
Mabari Dog Chain +1 armor penetration
+4 armor
Sold at the Wonders of Thedas shop in the Denerim Market District.
Mabari War Harness +2 armor penetration
+8 armor
Found in a chest in the Templar Quarters of the Circle Tower.
Protective Cone -2 dexterity
+4 attack
+4 armor
Low morale
Originally Protective Cone (gift), it requires Feastday Pranks pack.
Pure Bitch Braid +8 attack
+8 armor
Looted from the High Dragon on the Mountain Top. Equipped by Dog and sold by Sandal in Witch Hunt.
Steel Spiked Collar +1.5 armor penetration
+6 armor
Found among a pile of bones in the East Brecilian Forest in Origins, and looted from Arl Howe's Guard Dog in The Darkspawn Chronicles.
Throwback Harness +2 attack
+2 armor
Sold by Faryn at the Frostback Mountain Pass
Worn Studded Braid +2 constitution Equipped by Dog when joining the party. Also sold by Sandal in Witch Hunt.

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