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Codex text

A diary found in the Fallow Mire. One water-soaked entry, dated 10 days ago, is still legible:

The dammed roof leaks, and I've been eating boiled roots for a week. I'm squatting in a bog no one's so much as spit in for ten years. Still better than the alienage, thank Andraste. That's the last time I visit the city for a while.

I'm worried about the Gardners. They weren't sick when I left, and now they're all down with a fever and their little boy is at death's door. Nigel Marsh said we should lock them in their home, the sour codger. Maybe I can bring back something to help. Is it deathroot that cures a fever, or elfroot? It can't be deathroot. Can it?

Ask Ira which is right.

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