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Codex text

Cataloguing Skyhold: War Hounds (restorable)

Good work here. Solid stone from the Frostbacks. Kikhol's Peak on human maps. Highhall's Roof on proper dwarven ones. As for subject, I heard the story once from a Fereldan trader. Hounds of war: one for the battle won, head raised high to chase the enemy's dead into the Fade. The second is for the battle lost: head raised, calling to a fallen master, baring its neck to the blade to join them. Any efficient sculptor will tell you they create a design and then apprentices copy it for sale. I asked why she had two meanings for the same pose. She said "Would you rather sell one statue or two?" Smart lady.

—Stonework evaluation for Lord/Lady [Inquisitor surname]'s consideration, Mason Gatsi

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