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Codex text

The Velvet Cailan is a portrait of the late King Cailan of Ferelden, painted on luminescent velvet.

According to rumor, King Cailan commissioned a large number of these paintings. The portraits were distributed to stores around Denerim shortly after his coronation, and the king received a portion of the profits from each sale. The coin funded his ever-growing kennel of mabari war dogs.

Art patrons throughout Thedas find the Velvet Cailans singularly revolting. As part of her ongoing mission to rid Thedas of their ghastly influence, Orlesian art collector Blanchette de Lemoux is offering a reward for every Velvet Cailan brought to her. Mistress de Lemoux has publicly derided the paintings and has been quoted as saying, "I despise furry art."

—Excerpt from the Hightown newsletter Artists' Quarterly


  • The image depicted in the painting is actually concept art of King Cailan from Dragon Age: Origins

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