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Codex entry: The Very Private Diary of Sandal Feddic, DO NOT READ!!!!

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See also: Sandal Feddic

Codex text

2 Kingsway, 9:41

Enchantment? Enchantment.

19 Harvestmere, 9:41

Enchantment! Enchantment!

11 Firstfall, 9:41

Enchantment... Enchantment?

15 Haring, 9:41

Enchantment!!!!!... Enchantment?

7 Wintermarch, 9:42


30 Wintermarch, 9:42



5 Guardian, 9:42

Enchantment... Enchantment!

21 Drakonis, 9:42


16 Cloudreach, 9:42

Enchantment! Enchantment. Enchantment?

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