See also: Mosaics, Second Sin

Codex text

This pretty collection is "Invasion." Big claim for seven people and one castle. Maybe "dreams" aren't as grand as mages claim. Flying looks like fun, though. Like falling, but up. So, not like falling at all.

It's seven here, seven magisters. Only five detailed, but that's because two have been chipped away. Looks like vandals; done with a rock, not chisel. Hard to come up with a reason to do it poorly like that except fear or lack of time. Maybe they had symbols different from the ones left because symbols are always making people angry enough to chip rock.

So these seven invade the Golden City. That's what it's meant to be because it's all fanciful. Needs stairs, if you ask me. Don't care if you can fly; stairs aren't just functional. They lead the eye and ground the structure. Here the sculptor hasn't just left them off, she's made the place too high. Anyone with a sense of Stone will tell you that this place is coming down under its own weight. It's intentional because it's a "god's" house, but I'm not sure what the style mishmash has to do with the "wonder" of that. If this were a real place from that long ago, you'd see only Tevinter in the architecture. But this looks like typical post-empire bluster, adding elven bits like they always owned it. That's an artist for you. A mason would have at least got it the right way round. Tevinter foundation with elven overlay, not muddled.

Anyway, simple message: the carver wants it known that mortals aren't supposed to be there. No stairs.