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You're chasing nonsense. Even if there were an old city buried in the Hissing Wastes, what makes you think the university would send you there on the chances you'll dig up an interesting slab of rubble? I skirted the edge of it once. If the wildlife isn't venomous, it's filled with fangs. The days bake, the nights freeze, and the only other souls you meet have even worse reasons for being there than you do. I haven't even mentioned that dragons like to nest in the rocks. (Ask Alphonse how he got the scar on his arm. He'll tell you.)

Leave that desert to the treasure hunters, my dear. Our Empire is full of ruins. Let us find one in a more hospitable climate, such as Montsimmard in the spring.

–Letter from a third-year University student in Val Royeaux to her younger sister

Resources found here: Elfroot, Dragonthorn, Witherstalk, Deathroot, Ghoul's Beard, Vandal Aria, Amrita Vein, Serpentstone, Lazurite, Volcanic Aurum, Nevarrite.

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