See also: The Wraith's Vengeance, The Dark Theurge

Codex text

(Worn inscriptions deep in the bowels of Vigil's Keep tell of the Avvar clan that settled here:)

...with our warriors, unmatched in skill and strength. And here we settled, in the caves carved by the hand of Korth the Mountain-Father...

Ruadan, shaman of the people, turned from the gods who had ever sheltered him. In his grief, he destroyed the gifts of the Mountain-Father and brought us low.

...and Ruadan pursued her. She fled into the earth and prayed to Korth to preserve her. He sent deliverance. They called themselves the dwarves, and they protected Kaelah.

The darkness drove him to madness but also gave him power. He turned our warriors against us. Kiveal sought out the dwarves, and together they bound Ruadan in this place.

...remember Kiveal. May Ruadan forever be bound here.


This is an unmarked side quest, similar to Codex entry: The Shaper's Life in Dragon Age: Origins, rewarding 500 XP after reading all verses (the last one by examining the Crypt Statue in the Avvar Deep Crypt under Vigil's Keep - Basement during The Wraith's Vengeance.