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Codex text

Another aspect of Circle life is the fraternity. When a mage becomes an enchanter, he may ally himself with a fraternity. These are cliques that cross Circle boundaries, mages of common interests and goals who band together to ensure that their voice is heard within the College of Magi in Cumberland. The largest fraternities currently are:

- the Loyalists, who advocate loyalty and obedience to the Chantry.

- the Aequitarians, who advocate temperance and follow a distinct code of conduct which they believe all mages should hold themselves to.

- the Libertarians, a growing fraternity, publicly maintaining greater power for the Circles but secretly advocating a complete split from the Chantry—a dangerous opinion, naturally.

- the Isolationists, a small group that advocates withdrawing to remote territories in order to avoid conflicts with the general populace.

- the Lucrosians, who maintain that the Circle must do what is profitable first and foremost. They prioritize the accumulation of wealth, with the gaining of political influence a close second.

So far, an alliance between the Loyalists and Aequitarians has prevented the Libertarians from gaining much headway, but there are signs that the Aequitarians may throw their support in with the Libertarians. If that happens, many mages predict it will come to civil war among the Circles.

—From The Circle of the Magi: A History, by First Enchanter Josephus.

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