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Codex text

Unless there's a Blight, surfacers reserve the darkspawn for cautionary religious lessons and bedtime stories. That is a luxury Orzammar cannot afford. Without the Legion of the Dead's continuous efforts, our great thaig would have undoubtedly been lost to the blighters long ago. Still, the question remains: where did these monsters come from? It's a given that the Chantry's beliefs about the darkspawn's origins are nonsense. They were not cast down from a fabled city—they crawled up from the deep recesses of the earth. We know that darkspawn come from broodmothers. Perhaps at the very heart of our world sits a queen—the first mother. Instead of focusing on her children, we should target broodmothers and ensure that future reinforcements will never be born.

Written in the margins are two sets of handwriting, presumably from Lieutenant Renn and Shaper Valta:

Chopping off their heads should do the trick.

Write in one of my books again, and it's your head at risk, Lieutenant.

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