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Codex text

Cry for the past—only there does glory dwell.
For here, the bow was strung, the sword bequeathed, the vows sworn.
So glory was born within the hearts of elves.

Sing for the past—where rests those who came before.
For each knight, a seed was sown, roots twisting with their brothers and sisters.
So the forest grew, a reflection of our might.

Mourn for the past—and all that was left there.
For we trusted in dreams and perceived immortality. We trusted in promises and in hope.
So we dreamed in vain, for we lost these gifts long ago.

Curse the past—the place where lies were born.
For beneath their sun, our people fall. The lands their lady once bestowed now stolen in her name.
So when these words are read, we shall be gone.

Forget not the past—it is all that remains.
For each knight, a seed was sown, roots twisting with their brothers and sisters.
So the forest remains, a reflection of our sorrow.

Cry for the past—it shall claim us all.
For here rest our saviors newly slain. Others lie beyond our reach.
So we remember.

Let the true name burn away and enter Din'an Hanin, the place where glory ends.

Andrale, Whose Song Inspired
Soran, With Bow in Hand
Siona, Who Kept the Bridge

Talim, Who Saved the Child
Rin, Who Led Them Out
Ilan, Who Kept Watch

Elandrin, Whom We Betrayed

A blank space follows the names, as if more were to be carved.

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