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Codex text

You've never seen a lad so taken with an axe! He carried one of the old sodding things with him wherever he went. Practicing day and night, he drove his mother to distraction, he did. Even when he was fully raised into the Warrior Caste, he refused proper weapons. Said he had the feel of an axe, and that's all he needed. Over the years, he spent a small fortune having smiths layer enchantments on 'em. Oh, how others would sneer at those ancient things. Well, they did until Beregrand lopped off King Jegrek's head on the sands. Sad business, that, and Gundaar was the poorer for it. And I'm not just talking about the king.

From The Memories of Gundaar, a collection of stories preserved by the Shaperate of the lost dwarven kingdom

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