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Codex text

The Architect is a powerful darkspawn possessed of an intelligence seldom seen in his kind--and obsessed with Grey Wardens. He seemed to be conducting strange experiments in the old silverite mines near the Wending Wood, although their purpose was impossible to discern.

The Architect is often seen with a dwarven woman at his side. He treats her with great respect, even affection. No one knows her name nor has heard her speak.

The Architect and the Mother seem to be at odds. She is undermining his plan, whatever it is.

The Architect finally revealed his plan as the Warden-Commander was preparing to kill the Mother. The Architect was born with a mind of his own, able to ignore the call of the Old Gods. He dreams of freeing all darkspawn from their urge to seek out the Old Gods, thereby ending the threat of future Blights.

To awaken other darkspawn, however, he employs a modified version of the Joining using the blood of a Grey Warden. He sent the disciple known as the Withered to Vigil's Keep to propose an alliance, but the Wardens misunterstood the Withered's intentions and attacked.

If the Architect is spared: The Warden-Commander and the Architect agreed that preventing future Blights is a noble goal. The Warden-Commander pledged that the Architect's work could continue after they killed the Mother together.

If the Architect is killed: The Architect wished to ally with the Grey Wardens to destroy the Mother, but the Warden-Commander refused to deal with darkspawn and killed the Architect.