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Codex text

This appears to be an unfinished letter. The handwriting is simple, and the text has many phrases crossed out:

Lowlanders, if you be brave enough to—

Orlesians, if you be brave enough—

Merchants of Orlais, if—

To those who wish to trade with Stone-Bear Hold, you should know me. I am Thane Svarah Sun-Hair—

I am Thane Svarah Janesdotten, known as Sun-Hair. Though my blade has tasted battle-tears many—

Though my blade has tasted blood many—

Though I have fought many battles, I wish no conflict between us, but instead trade between our hold and yours. We have furs and leathers that put your lowland hides to shame, plus weapons that have tasted Hakkon's winter—

We have furs and leathers that will make your warriors look strong and your lovers look supple, plus weapons—

We have excellent furs and leathers, and weapons like none seen in the lowlands. Trade honestly and well, and there will be coin for all. Cheat us, and your blood will—

Trade honestly and well, and there will be coin for all.

—Thane Svarah Sun-Hair

This is a fool's task. What lowlander would come this far for furs they have not seen?

Ah, Korth, I just wrote that instead of saying it. This stupid lowland writing vexes the mind.

The rest of the letter is a series of angry sketches of axes.

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