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This tattered novel bills itself as a "sweeping romance on the eight seas, by Dan'el Mythril!" The cover shows a dark-skinned elf with long platinum hair hanging by one hand from the mast of his ship, a dagger in his teeth. A woman in an elaborate mask, low-cut dress, and almost as much hair as the elf, gasps up from the base of the mast. The elf is glaring at a tanned and chiseled human pirate, grinning as his vessel pulls alongside the Elf's ship.

For the first elven captain in the Antivan Navy, Kiel Zebulon's inaugural assignment was a routine trading mission down to Wycome. Little did he know that the fiery Amethyste Couronne, a passenger he picked up in the Free Marches, was heir to an enormous fortune... A fortune Rivaini pirate Prince Elrado Huracan would do anything to get his hands on! Unable to resist Amethyste's pleas for help, Kiel found himself racing to get her back to Val Royeaux even as the ferocious Huracan pursued them-and their passions ensured the eight seas would never be the same!

There is a note scribbled on the inside cover in dainty handwriting:

If found, please return to Lady Yvette Montilyet