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Codex text

Many scholars claim the Tevinter Imperium owes their rise to power as much to the dwarves as they do to magic. The dwarves brought currency and commerce to humanity—as well as entertainment.

The Proving, the dwarven name for gladiatorial arena matches, became popular in Imperial society in 1200 Ancient. This led to the construction of the Grand Proving arena, a structure that still stands two thousand years later.

King Endrin Stonehammer attended the first match held at the Grand Proving. He was taken with the sport and awarded enchanted armor to the victor.

The armor was lost during the Imperium's great civil war in 575 Ancient. There are rumors that Stonehammer's Gift (or portions thereof) has since surfaced outside of Tevinter, most prominently during the Fourth Blight's Battle of Ayesleigh where the armor was reportedly worn by the fabled Champion of Starkhaven.

— From Tales of the Imperium, by Sister Dulcinea, 9:20 Dragon

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