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Codex text

"A wise man once told me never to argue with someone better-armed than the entire warrior caste on parade."

Sigrun is a member of the Legion of the Dead, warriors exiled from Orzammar and sent on suicide missions against the darkspawn. The Warden-Commander found Sigrun fleeing a darkspawn next in Kal'Hirol, the last survivor of her group. She has broken the Legion's oath by not fighting to her death.

If she is not recruited: Sigrun wished to return to Kal'Hirol to finish what the Legion began, but the Warden-Commander deemed Sigrun's injuries too grave and sent her on way.

If she joins them: Sigrun joined the Warden-Commander to destroy the darkspawn nest.

If she is made a Grey Warden: After Kal'Hirol was purged of darkspawn, Sigrun agreed to join the Grey Wardens. She survived the Joining.

Once her approval is above 20: Sigrun is fascinated by the surface world. She collects little curious from all over Thedas.

If the Warden-Commander saves Amaranthine, and leaves Sigrun to defend Vigil's Keep: Sigrun met her end fighting darkspawn at Vigil's Keep, fulfilling her promise to the Legion.