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See also: The Paragon's Heir, House Tethras

Codex text

The paragons heir-locations

Location of the notes

Paragon Garen refuses to give up. We're the eighth Legion unit he's sent after Tethras in the past five years. None dare tell him that after so long alone in the Deep Roads, Tethras is certainly dead. The Paragon insists he will see his heir restored to his rightful place. May the ancestors favor his cause.

We've followed the paths of the other Legionnaires, and so far, we seem to be on the right trail. We're in a section of the Deep Roads that appears to have been altered by human magic, so perhaps we'll find some new clue here. We're going in tomorrow. Ancestors be with us.

—From the journal of Karles Aratack, Legion of the Dead

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