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See also: Lace Harding

Codex text

Forward camp has been established in the Fereldan Hinterlands, and suitable locations for other outposts have been identified. Progress into the area proceeded ahead of projected schedules, thanks to a local volunteer.

For further details, read on:

Sleiter was ambushed and overwhelmed by bandits and might have died if not for the timely intervention of Lace Harding, who rescued Sleiter with two well-aimed stones from a sling. Her family mabari ran off the remaining three bandits. Harding and Contessa (the mabari) escorted Sleiter back to the forward camp, followed at a distance by the small herd of ambling sheep that belonged to a neighbor of the Harding family. Once there, she requested a map, which she proceeded to fill out with helpful details, most notably known bandit hideouts and ambush points. Map completed, Lace Harding took her sheep and returned home.

We did not expect her to return the next morning, now outfitted with a small bow and leather jerkin, and absent one hound and a herd of sheep. "Maps are all right, but nothing beats a guide," she said.

That was a week ago. She's still here. I took the liberty of offering her a position as a scout.


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