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Codex text

Many believe that Qunari is the name of the race of horned behemoths from the north. They are mistaken. "Qunari" means "people of the Qun." There are elves, humans, even dwarves who have submitted to the Qun and who think of themselves as Qunari.

All soldiers of the Imperium must remain aware of this fact: Any person could be a Qunari spy. Elves seem particularly susceptible to conversion.

New converts uniformly become zealots, either of their own volition or as a result of the Ben-Hassrath's "re-education." Yet the converts still understand our culture as only those born to it can. They can move unnoticed in Tevinter lands. If elven, they may even return themselves to slavery.

These spies, as long as they remain undiscovered, will pass sensitive information to Par Vollen. They may even try to convert others by sowing doubt and uncertainty. Every Imperial soldier must watch for this treachery.

—From a lecture to new recruits of the Tevinter army

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