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...that moved against them were halted by the light from her most-assured hands. It was then she took her own counsel, in ways best not set forth here, and led the party away.

Did Ameridan's eyes seek hers among those assembled as he relayed the events which led them there? If she stood among us, I did not know her. Yet his hand moved slightly at his side, as my own does when my wife is near and I seek wordless comfort in the touch of her fingers. We had all heard the whispers.

Did he say her name in the telling? Would he have dared? Times were different, but have they changed so much?

—Excerpt from the writings of Lord Bescond, first put to page in 1:48 Divine

A letter follows:

This is a precise copy. The preceding pages were lost—or removed—ages ago. Bescond makes no further references to this woman, although Ameridan comes up several times later on. Bescond's writings, as they pertain to Inquisitor Ameridan, are not entirely unknown, although you're unlikely to find them among Chantry records. Their validity is largely dismissed. Some have questioned whether the so-called "light" and "counsel" reference magic or holy insight. And of course, Bescond wrote down his impressions many years after the fact. The author's own wife brought accuracy into question when she admitted her husband was recalling his youth in the Orlesian capital through nostalgia and age-distorted memory. I believe her admission is part of official Chantry record.

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