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Codex text

Forgive me. I claimed belief once, swore with tears in my eyes that Our Lady was the Light, and through her blessing, I knew the Maker. But I cannot brook the division between what I have tried to know and what I cannot ignore.

Is the Maker less silent than the profane elven pantheon, or the Old Gods of Tevinter? And what of Archdemons that are not silent at all? We have real, ongoing strife—all of us, every people and creed—that we each blame on the heretical actions of others. And yet if any one of our truths was Truth, that blame would be impossible. It is not just that these claims of divinity cannot co-exist. It is that no other claims could be made, if any of those worshipped were ever truly "god."

I am shamed my faith cannot withstand so pedestrian an argument. All I have learned in my time here is fear.

—Initiate Micaela Chevais

Go as you must, as must we all, but know that the only thing worse than a faith broken, is a faith untested.

—Correspondence and teachings of Mother Hevara, Val Royeaux archive

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