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"The Howes are pariahs now, those of us left."

Nathaniel Howe is the son of the disgraced Arl Rendon Howe and among the last scions of the once-great family. He blames the Grey Wardens for his fathers death and had intended to assassinate the Warden-Commander. Upon seeing Vigil's Keep, however -- his childhood home -- Nathaniel decided to simply reclaim some of his family's treasures. The Wardens caught Nathaniel breaking in.

If conscripted into the Grey Wardens: The Warden-Commander, impressed to hear that it took four Wardens to capture Nathaniel, involked the Right of Conscription, making the young Howe a Warden recruit.

If hanged: The Warden-Commander ordered Nathaniel executed.

If released: The Warden-Commander released Nathaniel.

If released, then later conscripted: Such mercy had an odd effect on Nathaniel. He returned, seeking to become a Warden himself.

After the resulting Joining: Nathaniel undertook the Joining and survived.

Once his approval is above 20: Nathaniel is a sensible fellow who values practical gifts over useless trinkets.

At the start of The Howe Family: In a chance encounter with the Howes' old groundskeeper, Nathaniel learned that his sister, Delilah, had married a shopkeeper in the city. Nathaniel was eager to find her.

At the end of The Howe Family: But Delilah was content with her commoner husband, and revealed that their father was exactly the tyrant everyone claimed.

In time, Nathaniel came to terms with his sister's choiches and his family legacy

If the Warden-Commander saves the City of Amaranthine, and leaves Nathaniel to defend Vigil's Keep: Nathaniel died defending Vigil's Keep from the army of darkspawn.

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