Codex text

The front cover of this novel has a group of armed men and women fighting a horde of imaginary monsters, while a winged horse with a horn flies in the background against an enormous rainbow. There's text on the back:

In the far future, a disparate group of men and women from all corners of the land band together to end an unstoppable evil! As these bold adventures go from traveling companions to friends, will their secrets and desires tear them apart?

Kloude Lunelily: An ancient elf pulled out of time, this brawny warrior-scholar seeks only to return to her liege in the distant past... but the voices calling her forward aren't what they seem!

Ren: This mysterious thief used to sing in taverns while deftly lifting items from the wealthy. Many have fallen in love with the diminutive heartbreaker, but Ren has a dangerous pact with a sinister figure in the shadows...

Lancaster Marlowe: A gifted but eccentric mage traveling the wider world for the first time, Marlowe's ambition for power is matched only by an uncanny ability to thrust his new acquaintances into danger!

Elena Brightstone: A knight of low birth under a mysterious curse, the idealistic Brightstone seeks to bring honor to her family name while divesting herself of calamitous death magic that may doom everything that she holds dear...

Till'Ka: An orphan of great resolve, young Till'Ka seeks to restore the balance of magic in the world. To do that, she must seek guidance from her foster parents... if she can find a way back to the surface of the moon!

Not all may survive their journeys, for these are the perils of a land unrecognizable... a time immemorial... join them in "Moonlight on the Feast of Shadows" at the end of the 13th age!

There is a note slipped into the novel.

Enjoy the book, my dear! It's Lord Fleming's most ambitious yet. I'm not sure what a "moon-whale" is, and at times there is a scandalous amount of attention paid to young men's backsides, but I doubt that will put you off in the slightest.