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Codex text

Warden-Commander Larius:

I have been considering your offer, and I accept your terms. In addition to what was discussed, I find a payment of twenty-five sovereigns per seal to be sufficient. All I require from you is your promise that my wife will be kept safe while I am gone, and that Lord Aristide Amell will be convinced to let Leandra leave Kirkwall with me when I return. I wish for my bride and I to be free, and I do not intend to have her father's men hunting us down.

Before we depart I would also like to confirm your statement that the ritual does not require contact with demonic influences. I would also like to discuss this "darkspawn of magical talents" in greater detail. It quite defies belief that the Grey Wardens have kept a secret of this magnitude buried so close to Kirkwall.

I await your reply.

Malcolm Hawke

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