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Codex text

"No one is born with rights to the throne. The sitting king may recommend a successor, but the Assembly ultimately decides who will rule."

House Harrowmont is one of the oldest noble houses, as old as Orzammar itself. Endrin's most trusted advisor, Harrowmont is well-known for being an able administrator, and the author of many compromises in the ever-warring Assembly.

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for Dragon Age: Origins.

If Harrowmont becomes king: His promise to King Endrin to keep Bhelen off the throne was upheld by the intervention of one Paragon and the Grey Warden. Harrowmont was named king by the Assembly, ending the internal strife in Orzammar.

If Bhelen becomes king: His opposition of Prince Bhelen's bid for the throne ended badly. The Assembly named the prince king of Orzammar, and Bhelen's first act was to call for Harrowmont's execution.