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Codex text

The entries in this book are written in several different hands and occasionally even different languages. From the few entries in the common tongue, it appears to be a log filled in by the various guards who have watched the gates of the Darvaarad:

Morning: Artifacts brought in by Hissra Kith. Original location not on manifest. Asked Isskari, was told, "They're from ruins." Please remind agents that all relics must be properly catalogued, or the Taarbas will never stop complaining about it.

Afternoon: Three kiths deployed. Including Isskari of Hissra Kith. Told her to write down locations in her manifest this time.

Evening: Hissra Kith reported back. Isskari handed me manifest that just said, "Outside Darvaarad." Asking my sten for a knife.

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