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Codex text

Among the papers taken from the red lyrium smugglers in the Dales is a note from the ringleader to his lieutenants:

Beware that red lyrium. Our mage claims it's much more potent than the blue. "Like serving brandy in an ale tankard," he said. Two nights later, he went crazy, frothing and screaming. We had to lock him in the warehouse. Looks like lyrium madness, but comes on faster.

It's not all bad. Our new client, Samson, has his agents buying anyone who gets sick--for gold. When they bought the mage, I asked why; Samson's people said, "To make something better of him." For what they're paying, he must have something bloody spectacular lined up.

Have the men be extra careful around the crates. Tell me if any comes down sick. Keep the why to yourselves.


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