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As with the stop in the White Rose, the individual tales of the Three Sisters are often told on their own; seldom is the saga repeated in its entirety. Indeed, one of the few times an attempt to do so was as a play in the Grand Royeaux Theater that sharply criticized Divine Justinia's attempts at reform. The play was quickly banned after only three performances. A book titled The Three Brothers was later published in Minrathous, citing the exploits of three Tevinter brothers who find themselves lost in Val Royeaux and spend their time ridiculing Orlesian culture. Despite claims in Tevinter that it is the original, it's quite clear that the Three Sisters legend far predates it.

Throughout the legend's various incarnations, the most commonly depicted adventures include:

- The sisters are convinced to drink dwarven ale by a handsome nobleman with sinister intentions. Their reactions to the ale vary, but usually by the end of this tale, the sisters end up on a wild chase after the nobleman through the streets of the Belle Marche until he jumps into the river and drowns.

- The sisters ask for help from a group of dwarven merchants, who say they will do so only if the sisters solve a clever riddle. The nature of the riddle varies, but the dwarves always cheat the sisters in the end. Typically, the encounter ends with the sisters fleeing before they are sold into slavery, though sometimes the legend has them clubbing the lead dwarf to death with paddles until the other dwarves run off.

- They are drawn into the annual Satinalia parade, usually in the climax of the story, until the Imperial army descends upon the revelers and starts a chaotic chain reaction that results in the sisters either stowing aboard a pirate ship or wading through the elven alienage's sewers. It seems to change each age.

Once their chaperone, La Bête, catches up with the girls, they usually hang their heads in shame and return to the Montebelliard manse to resume good and honest lives. Not always, however. The most recent versions of the legend have the sisters remaining in Val Royeaux to fight criminals while wearing black masks, though I honestly cannot tell where this comes from.

──From Tales of Val Royeaux by Lord Werner Jauquin

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