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Codex text

My dearest brothers and sisters,

I am leaving to take that last long walk into the deep. I have been a Grey Warden for a full thirty years, and the Joining can only hold back the taint for so long.

These last months, the song of the Archdemons has become not a whisper to me, but a terrible roaring that I cannot endure. My conscience compels me to leave before the corruption becomes too much, before the madness takes over.

It has been my honor serving with every single one of you. I go to the Deep Roads to meet my death in combat against our eternal foe. When my brothers in Orzammar salute my departure, I will walk proudly in my duty, and joyful in the knowledge that my burden will soon be lifted.

Remember me, and do not fear your own Calling, when the time comes.

Larius, Commander of the Grey

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