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Codex text

"I have no name, only a virtue to which I aspire."

A spirit of justice fought on behalf of the villagers that the baroness trapped in the Fade. When the Warden-Commander escaped through a tear in the Veil, Justice was dragged along and trapped in the body of the Grey Warden Kristoff.

If he joins the Warden: The baroness's defeat left Justice trapped in the mortal world. Believing Kristoff's mission to be worthy, he agreed to travel with the Warden-Commander.

At the start of Justice for Kristoff: Kristoff's wife, Aura, arrived at Vigil's Keep. Upon realizing what had become of her husband, she accused Justice of desecrating Kristoff's body. This distressed Justice, who insisted on finding a way to ease Aura's pain.

At the end of Justice for Kristoff: Justice visited Aura again later, promising to avenge her husband's death. This pact gave both a measure of peace.

When his approval is over 25: Justice likes tokens that remind him of the Fade as well as items that provide insight into Kristoff's life.

If the Warden-Commander saves the City of Amaranthine, and leaves Justice to defend Vigil's Keep: Justice likely died in the second siege on Vigil's Keep.

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