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Codex entry: Hero in Every Port (Ballad of Nuggins)

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Codex text

The best of us ran when the dreadnought was sighted!
Nuggins, Nuggins! For he heard the call.
Tripped nine Qunari, and that's why he's knighted!
Nuggins, Nuggins! As brave as he's small!

A shore full of pirates, the worst set to happen.
Nuggins, Nuggins! His heart pure and true.
Tripped him an admiral, now he's our captain!
Nuggins, Nuggins! For me and for you!

The blight was upon us, and we found no pardon.
Nuggins, Nuggins! Now he'll make a stand!
Tripped up the darkspawn, and now he's a Warden!
Nuggins, Nuggins! For all in the land!

Paraded through Kirkwall as hero and winner!
Nuggins, Nuggins! Stubborn and vicious!
Tripped up a viscount, now he's for dinner!
Nuggins, Nuggins! Of course he's delicious!

--From Small Legends: Of Nugs and Foxes, collected by Philliam, a Bard!

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