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Codex text

Perhaps local to a handful of Grey Warden companies, these spirits reflect a custom—or legend—born of utility. Allowed to seize goods to aid their cause, Wardens combine half-full bottles to save space while traveling. Never fully emptied or—as with a kettle—cleaned, each eventually takes on a base flavor as unique as the Warden carrying it. "What do we care? Nothing burns like the first cup." Could be fact, could be tribute. It does seem as though the bottles range farther than the namesake Warden could.

A bottle marked "Vintage: Warden Korenic. Notes of fruit and anger."

A bottle marked "Vintage: Warden Anras. Bottled whimsy."

A bottle marked "Vintage: Warden Gibbins. Don't frigging touch! I spit in this! I mean it!"

A bottle marked "Vintage: Warden Tontiv. Home."

A bottle marked "Vintage: Warden Riordan. Serve yourself."

A bottle marked "Vintage: Warden Daedalam. Extra red."

A bottle marked "Vintage: Warden Jairn. Smash when dead."

A bottle marked "Vintage: Warden Eval'lal. Griffon Wing Ale."

A bottle marked "Vintage: Warden Steed. Joining juice."

If Bethany joins the Grey Wardens in Dragon Age II...
A bottle marked "Vintage: Warden Bethany Hawke. Princess piss."

If Carver joins the Grey Wardens in Dragon Age II...
A bottle marked "Vintage: Warden Carver Hawke. Toast them all!"

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