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Codex text

The elf seemed pretty upset when we started pawing at his stuff, especially the belt. Turns out it's some kind of heirloom. The knife-ear claimed that it came from Arlathan, that it had been in his family for generations.

Well, things change.

We dumped the body by the mine for the clan to find. I took a closer look at the belt and it was clear that the leather was new, but there was something odd about the buckle. So I brought it to this fellow in Val Royeaux who deals in antiques, and he tells me it's old—could even be from the time of the ancient elves. Suppose the runt was telling the truth.

Anyway, hope this is adequate payment for the job. You could sell it or melt the buckle down. I believe it's real silverite.

—Excerpt from a letter found in a gambling den in Jader

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