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9:38 Dragon, 4th Harvestmere, continued musings on giants.

I assume they encroach due to disruption of their environs. Perhaps clawing darkspawn rerouted underground waters, altering the landscape of their prey. Food is seemingly their only motivator, and I have observed them eating meat, grains, leaves—nearly anything digestible, with no care or joy for taste or texture. So complete is their scavenging that "troll" might be a more academically accurate term, but I cannot blame farming folk for imposing an obvious descriptive. Yet are these giants merely beasts of destructive instinct?

I followed one specimen from the north, where they are somewhat more common (Tevinter breeding grounds? Warmth of seasons? Corruption of Silent Plains?). It followed waterways, preferring to float its bulk, but never did I see any sense in its eye, and never did it appear to plan beyond its immediate surroundings. But I remain intrigued, for they have hands, and that means the potential to raise them in praise. Throughout creation, upright beings with hands have been a sign of greater purpose. What lesson, Maker, in these strange children? I will approach tomorrow, in Your name.

Excerpt annotated below in a different hand:

Last entry in the letters of Brother Estomahr, his only recovered possession, likely because they were already flat. This archivist's recommendation: remind the neophytes that the tale of "Sister Dariel in the wolves' den" is metaphor.

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