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Codex text

One need only stroll through the Denerim market to appreciate Ferelden's resilience. You would be hard-pressed to believe that darkspawn ravaged the city within our lifetime. Scars remain for the people who lived through it, but life moves forward.

Now children play in the streets—children for whom the Blight is a story their parents tell. I once heard a small boy ask what a darkspawn was; to him, it was only a word he heard from the older youths. We teach that "a learned child is a blessing upon his parents and unto the Maker." Andraste forgive me, but I felt joy at his smiling ignorance.

The actions of our rulers are thus a puzzle to me.

Despite the events at Kirkwall, Ferelden continues to offer refuge to the rebel mages, which will only bring trouble to our doorsteps. It already has. Rumors among the merchants suggest that Starkhaven places sanctions on trade as a sign of protest. One hears of conflict in the Hinterlands between templars and mages.

Mother Diana says I am to accompany her to the Conclave in Haven. She says to have faith in Divine Justinia, and that, whatever comes, we shall see the Maker's will done. I think of those smiling children who have not grown up with death and fear, and I pray it is so.

—A letter from Sister Kira of the Denerim chantry to her sister in the Free Marches

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