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Codex text

My dearest and best father and lord,

You are strong and fair and obviously the most handsome arl in all of Ferelden. I want a fennec. Please please please get one for me. I saw a picture in a book that Brigid was carrying for Master Fergal and it is the fluffiest and most delightful creature I have ever seen.

The book says they live in the mountains and eat voles and repulsive things like that. When I get mine I will feed it only nice things. Like cake. And pearls. Please please please send someone to catch one. I really need one right now. Ruby wants company. It's not my fault Primmie and Bobble broke. Don't believe anything Eileen says.

Please? I promise I will spend no more gold on silks this month. It's too cold anyway.

Your most loving and obedient daughter, Habren

—A note from Habren Bryland to her father Leonas Bryland, arl of South Reach, written in 9:31 Dragon

Reports indicate that Habren did receive a white fox as a gift from her father, later that month. She promptly "lost" it down a well.

Research benefits

Damage against beasts increased.