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Codex text

Duke Prosper is the head of the powerful Montfort dynasty, the descendents of Ser Gaston de Montfont, a chevalier who rose to prominence during the Fourth Blight.

Prosper de Montfort is a close personal friend of Empress Celene and a perennial fixture at the empress's annual Spring Fête. He spends most of his time outside Orlais either on personal business for the empress or vacationing at his estates in Nevarra and the Free Marches.

(Note: Titles other than lord (or lady) and emperor (or empress) were abolished during Emperor Kordilius Drakon's reign. Duke Prosper uses his title only in his private dealings or when he travels beyond Orlais's borders. At court, he is addressed as Lord Prosper de Montfort.)

—From Lifestyles of the Wealthy and Politically Influential, by Lady Jonquil Severin

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