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Codex entry: Dorian and the Last Few Years

Codex text

Only child and heir presumptive to the senatorial seat of Magister Halward Pavus, Dorian comes from a prestigious line of mages, prominent in the coastal Tevinter city of Qarinus since the late Exalted Age. At that time, the Imperium was recovering from a failed Exalted March and the Fourth Blight; Gideon Pavus arose as a voice of reason within the Magisterium. His block of allies convinced the Imperium not to descend upon the weakened south, to extend a hand of reconciliation to those who had once sought their destruction. That House Pavus remained standing even after Magister Gideon was tried for treason is a testament to the power he built, and—as Dorian himself would claim—an excellent example of how internecine politics in Tevinter can bring low even the brightest star. A lesson, he says, one should never forget.

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