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Codex text

A prison cell, a scrap of paper for my confession, scarce enough bread and water. All I get for skimming one lousy bottle from the lyrium stores. Knight-Lieutenant Freyan cut my normal rations for "insubordination." Insubordination, my arse. It's because I saw him desert the guard tower to meet his girl. Freyan thought he'd teach me a lesson.

I'm thirsty, but the water doesn't work. It should be more... blue.

You take it like medicine at first, the lyrium. Your whole body sings with it, like the Maker's own fire. You're not scared of anything, not even abominations. After, it even takes away the nightmares.

But the ration's too small. If they don't give you enough, your hands get cold. The sky starts to press down on you. Little things slip away. So you have to stay.

The senior templars all have that look, that cloudy look in their eyes.

"Sign your confession," they said. I'm trying. I can't think of what name to sign.

—Confessions of an unknown templar, found among Montsimmard Chantry records in 8:27 Blessed

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